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"Sharing Astronomy with Friends"

Effective Oct 6,2015 KSCAA will be holding the star parties at a new observing site BioLab Rd parking Area. This is in the Merritt Island Wildlife area south of Hallover Canal. Please view the maps below for directions and GPS coordinates.

Astronomy Homepages worthy of Special of Note

this Clear Sky Clock is provide by http://cleardarksky.com, thanks Attilla Danko

New Star Map Click this link

New FOX 35 Brevard County Radar for about the Last 45mins.

NASA has a new program "Space Place"
NASA’s Space Place Astronomy Club Partner Program Overview

Personal Web Pages of Club Members
Star Fields Observatory
Star Trails Observatory
Wyck's 24" Truss Dob F 4.1

AstroPhotography Basic Primer

Star Party Etiquette
Things to Remember When Attending Your First Star Party (REVISED)

Astronomy Reference Information
Meisser Deep Space List (SEDS.ORG)
Telrad Charts for Messier and Caldwell Objects(Very Nice)

Information about Light Pollution and Astronomy
Britelitesout.COM all about light pollution PLEASE Checkit Out

Astronomy Clubs and Links

Florida Astronomy Club Connection--Listing of All Known Florida Astronomy Club---originated & hosted by KSCAA

Listing of Florida and US astronomy club provided by SKYMarvels
Sky & Telescope Club Listing
Alachua Astronomy Club
Tallahassee Astronomical Society
Brevard Astronomical Society

Free Astronomy Classified for Amateur Astronomy Equipment
Most sellers on both services are very reputable but always use caution when buying on the Internet

Very Cool NEW Astronomy Site
Skymarvels has a lot of astromony information and picture

Very Cool Monthly Astronomy Maps
SkyMaps.com- This Month's Sky-Viewing Calendar
heavens-above.com astronomy Sky Maps Track the shuttle,Hubble and ISS

KSCAA's How to be Cheap and Build-It-Yourself (Can you relate to this Thought?)
Nice list of Amateur telescope Makers pages GREAT RESOURCE CHECK IT OUT
How to build your very own Telescope DEW HEATER by Bill Arnett
Wattage Chartsand Information about building your Telescope DEW HEATER
How to Fix your Daisy B-B Gun Red Dot Finder
Garden Shed Roll-off Roof Observatory

The Page to answer all questions for someone just entering Astronomy (questions like what to buy, where to look, what to see, etc.)
A great info on every aspect of a Newbie to Astronomy by "SKY & Telescope"

Freeware Astronomy Software
Astronomy Freeware

Look at a Piece of HISTORY
This is a Questar Telescope that is at Kennedy Space Center in the Center Director's Office
this telescope was purchased by Wernher von Braun

Weather Map from Satellite Service
Satellite Image of the Souteastern USA NOAA Weather and The Weather Channel Infared view

Japanese Space Observatory Suffers Loss
Japanese/American Suzaku X-ray observatory Article

CCD and Film Images by KSCAA Members
Astronomical Images Film and CCD from KSCAA Members

KSCAA Members Fun Pictures of the Month

Rory Ducan took a fine photo of the Ares 1-X. The Photo was posted as Astronomy Picture of the Day. A fine job RORY APOD search in Archives Nov 2, 2009

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Pictures of some of the Club Member's Equipment

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